A little about Anukpon "Eddie" Viboolsittiseri
Life is nothing more than a masterpiece in the making. Living is the only hard part. Anukpon “Eddie” Viboolsittiseri is an innovator who creates in concepts rather than blunt descriptions. Whether it be in his designs or in his dance, creating something that makes people think and find emotion is what he strives for. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, nature is a familiar atmosphere for his creativity. Eddie has always found beauty in everything but most of all in nature;this is where Eddie finds inspiration in his work. As a conceptual designer, he looks for an emotion and expresses it through a story; this story has no description or explanation, just imagination. Growing up, Eddie found that art is not something that you would draw and color; it was more of an expression. Through the relationships he has made and the countless sources of inspiration, Eddie has gained skills to present his design and express his talents to go beyond even his most prominent dreams. The rest from here is history in the making. His masterpiece.
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